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When it comes to installing and maintaining equipment, the automotive industry relies on Atlas Industrial Contractors. We installed the first automatic robotic weld shop in North America for Honda of America in 1982. Since then we have installed more than 20 robotic welding and general assembly plants throughout North America.

Food & Beverage

Atlas installs entire process systems, such as stainless steel bottling lines for Anheuser-Busch, 7-UP, and Miller/Coors. We can install either individual components or complete sections of conveyor systems to ensure your products are produced precisely and without interruption.

General Manufacturing

Atlas has a broad-based history of producing successful projects throughout the manufacturing market. Whether the end product is a vehicle, a beverage, a steel billet or ingot, cement-aggregate mix, a stream of electricity, a prescription drug, or any other manufactured good, Atlas have the experience and the capabilities to install the machinery with a total turnkey approach.

Steel Production & Cement

Atlas assembles and erects complete cement plants, including kilns and the raw meal and cooler areas throughout the United States. We installed major machinery for a Holcim plant that produces four million tons of cement per year. Atlas also performs work in quarries for companies such as National Lime & Stone.


Atlas has installed a four-casing steam turbine generator for a 165-megawatt co-generation facility, rigged major components on the generation deck of large power plants, and performed comprehensive plant maintenance and turbine rebuilding during a hydroelectric plant outage. Atlas was recently awarded the SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year for a turbine generator repair project.

Keep Industry Running

Turnkey Support Services/General Contracting

With Atlas there is truly no limit to what we can do. Whatever the project, we can transport it, rig it, pipe it duct it and wire it. With our extensive in-house capabilities and strategic partners, you can count on Atlas to do what it takes to get the job done right.

Safety Leader

Since its inception, Atlas has had a very strong commitment to safety. We regularly recieve safety awards and have one of the best safety records in the business.

Rigging & Machinery Installation

Atlas employs the country’s top expects in rigging machinery installation and has nearly 55 years’ experience working with clients such as Anheuser-Busch, General Motors, Holcim, and Honda of America.

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With over 50 years’ experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, Atlas Industrial Contractors have proven themselves to provide quality work on-time and on-budget. Whether you're moving equipment or reconfiguring the way you do business, Atlas is the single source for your total industrial contracting needs.




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Latest News & Projects

TMMI Slide

Toyota Indiana July 2016 Shutdown

Komatsu 3A Press Cushion Repair

In the kickoff meeting with Toyota and Komatsu, the day before the start of the July Shutdown, TMMI Stamping Manager, Bob Maher, looked directly at me and said, “If Atlas doesn’t have this press back together and running by next Sunday afternoon, the entire plant will not run on Monday morning”…..no pressure!

But, after assembling a select team headed by Atlas press specialist, Jeff Jinerson, we were ready for the challenge.

Our work entailed the disassembly, inspection, replacement of seals and re-assembly of two Press Cushion Assemblies. With Jeff on first shift and Rick Fink on second shift, we began removal and refurbishment of the cushions on Saturday morning.

The real challenge was the extent of the required repairs could not be assessed until the cushions were disassembled. After 11 years of operation, internal components could be damaged beyond repair or worse, seized and require cutting apart. Toyota had a contingency plan in place, just in case.

The conditions were most difficult; very tight quarters, oily surfaces everywhere and the disassembly required chainfalls and jacks exclusively.

Our Atlas guys were faultless throughout, special kudos to the Troy based crews…they deserve all the credit.

Fortunately, the cushions were disassembled without incident, seals and o-rings replaced as planned and re-assembled ahead of the planned start up.

On Saturday, our Komatsu technicians and the Toyota Stamping engineers re-started the press, ran parts on Sunday and began operation on schedule Monday morning.

Hemmer Slide

Hemmer Press and Tooling

Atlas lifts and sets a 70,000lb hemmer press and tooling, includes unistrut rails and bridges, robot installation, numerous sealer and camera lines, and maintenance.

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